The TypedDict class

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A dictionary that holds per-key type information.


_columndict_to_dataframe(columns, seriestypes), seriestypes)
class, items=())

Bases: dict

A dictionary that holds per-key type information.

This type of dict is used for the “leaves” in a tree of nested NamedDict objects, specifying a collection of data of different types pertaining to some set of category labels (the index-path of the named dictionaries).

When converted to a data frame, each key specifies a different column and values contribute the values of a single data frame row. Columns will be series of the held data types.

  • types (dict, optional) – Keys are the keys that can appear in this dictionary, and values are valid data frame type strings, e.g. “int”, “float”, or “category”, that specify the type of each value.

  • items (dict or list) – Initial data, used for serialization.


Helper for pickle.


Render this dict as a pandas data frame.



_add_to_columns(self, columns, seriestypes, row_prefix)