Data comparison section

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Abstract base class for report sections.



Abstract base class for report sections.

Derived classes encapsulate the structure of data within the respective section of the report, and provide methods for rendering the section to various output formats.


**kwargs – Computation of specific section elements can be configured at runtime by passing the name of a figure as a keyword argument set to False.

_HTML_TEMPLATE = tabs/DataComparison.html
render(self, workspace, results=None, dataset_labels=None, embed_figures=True, comm=None, **kwargs)

Render this section’s figures.

  • workspace (Workspace) – A Workspace used for caching figure computation.

  • brevity (int, optional) – Level of brevity used when generating this section. At higher brevity levels, certain non-critical figures will not be rendered. Defaults to 0 (most verbose).

  • **kwargs – All additional reportable quantities used when computing the figures of this section.


dict (str -> any) – Key-value map of report quantities used for this section.

dataset_comparison_summary(workspace, switchboard=None, dataset_labels=None, all_dscomps=None, **kwargs)
dataset_comparison_histogram(workspace, switchboard=None, ds_switchboard=None, comm=None, bgcolor='white', **kwargs)
dataset_comparison_box_plot(workspace, switchboard=None, ds_switchboard=None, comm=None, bgcolor='white', **kwargs)