An RPE gate set module.

Variables for working with the a partial model the X(pi/2)

Module Contents


create_rpe_experiment_design(max_max_length, qubit_labels=None, req_counts=None)

Create a RPE experiment design based on this model-pack's gate set.

pygsti.modelpacks.smq1Q_Xpi2_rpe.create_rpe_experiment_design(max_max_length, qubit_labels=None, req_counts=None)

Create a RPE experiment design based on this model-pack’s gate set.

  • max_max_length (int) – The maximum number of gate repetitions to use.

  • qubit_labels (tuple, optional) – If not None, a tuple of the qubit labels to use in the returned circuits. If None, then the default labels are used, which are often the integers beginning with 0.

  • req_counts (int, optional) – <TODO description>