The StaticPOVMPureEffect class and supporting functionality.

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class pygsti.modelmembers.povms.staticpureeffect.StaticPOVMPureEffect(vec, basis='pp', evotype='default', state_space=None)

Bases: pygsti.modelmembers.povms.conjugatedeffect.ConjugatedStatePOVMEffect

TODO: docstring A state vector that is completely fixed, or “static” (i.e. that posesses no parameters).

  • vec (array_like or POVMEffect) – a 1D numpy array representing the state. The shape of this array sets the dimension of the state.

  • basis (Basis or {'pp','gm','std'}, optional) – The basis used to construct the Hilbert-Schmidt space representation of this state as a super-bra.

  • evotype (Evotype or str, optional) – The evolution type. The special value “default” is equivalent to specifying the value of pygsti.evotypes.Evotype.default_evotype.

  • state_space (StateSpace, optional) – The state space for this operation. If None a default state space with the appropriate number of qubits is used.