Defines the TermCOPALayout class.

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The atom ("atomic unit") for dividing up the element dimension in a TermCOPALayout.


A circuit outcome probability array (COPA) layout for circuit simulation by taylor-term path integration.

class pygsti.layouts.termlayout._TermCOPALayoutAtom(unique_complete_circuits, ds_circuits, group, model, dataset)

Bases: pygsti.layouts.distlayout._DistributableAtom

The atom (“atomic unit”) for dividing up the element dimension in a TermCOPALayout.

This class noteably holds the current “path-set” used to evaluate circuit probabilites, as well as compact representations of the polynomials for evaluating these probabilities.

  • unique_complete_circuits (list) – A list that contains all the “complete” circuits for the parent layout. This atom only owns a subset of these, as given by group below.

  • ds_circuits (list) – A parallel list of circuits as they should be accessed from dataset. This applies any aliases and removes implied SPAM elements relative to unique_complete_circuits.

  • group (set) – The set of unique-circuit indices (i.e. indices into unique_complete_circuits) that this atom owns.

  • model (Model) – The model being used to construct this layout. Used for expanding instruments within the circuits.

  • dataset (DataSet) – The dataset, used to include only observed circuit outcomes in this atom and therefore the parent layout.

property cache_size(self)

The cache size of this atom.

class pygsti.layouts.termlayout.TermCOPALayout(circuits, model, dataset=None, num_sub_tables=None, num_table_processors=1, num_param_dimension_processors=(), param_dimensions=(), param_dimension_blk_sizes=(), resource_alloc=None, verbosity=0)

Bases: pygsti.layouts.distlayout.DistributableCOPALayout

A circuit outcome probability array (COPA) layout for circuit simulation by taylor-term path integration.

A simple distributed layout that divides a list of circuits among available processors. This layout is designed for Taylor-term based calculations for which there is no straightforward caching/performance-enhancement mechanism. The path-integral specific implementation is present in the atoms, which hold current path sets and compact polynomials for speeding the evaluation of circuit outcome probabilities.

  • circuits (list) – A list of:class:Circuit objects representing the circuits this layout will include.

  • model (Model) – The model that will be used to compute circuit outcome probabilities using this layout. This model is used to complete and expand the circuits in circuits.

  • dataset (DataSet, optional) – If not None, restrict the circuit outcomes stored by this layout to only the outcomes observed in this data set.

  • num_sub_tables (int, optional) – The number of groups (“sub-tables”) to divide the circuits into. This is the number of atoms for this layout.

  • num_table_processors (int, optional) – The number of atom-processors, i.e. groups of processors that process sub-tables.

  • num_param_dimension_processors (tuple, optional) – A 1- or 2-tuple of integers specifying how many parameter-block processors are used when dividing the physical processors into a grid. The first and second elements correspond to counts for the first and second parameter dimensions, respecively.

  • param_dimensions (tuple, optional) – The number of parameters along each parameter dimension. Can be an empty, 1-, or 2-tuple of integers which dictates how many parameter dimensions this layout supports.

  • param_dimension_blk_sizes (tuple, optional) – The parameter block sizes along each present parameter dimension, so this should be the same shape as param_dimensions. A block size of None means that there should be no division into blocks, and that each block processor computes all of its parameter indices at once.

  • resource_alloc (ResourceAllocation, optional) – The resources available for computing circuit outcome probabilities.

  • verbosity (int or VerbosityPrinter) – Determines how much output to send to stdout. 0 means no output, higher integers mean more output.

property pathset(self)

This layout’s current path set.


TermPathSet or None