Defines the DistributableForwardSimulator calculator class

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A base class for forward simulators that use distributed COPA layouts.

class pygsti.forwardsims.distforwardsim.DistributableForwardSimulator(model=None, num_atoms=None, processor_grid=None, param_blk_sizes=None)

Bases: pygsti.forwardsims.forwardsim.ForwardSimulator

A base class for forward simulators that use distributed COPA layouts.

This class contains implements the methods of ForwardSimulator assuming that the layout is a DistributableCOPALayout object, and leaves a set of a simpler methods for derived classes to implement.

In particular, because a distributed layout divides computations by assigning segments of the full element- and parameter-dimensions to individual processors, derived classes just implement the _bulk_fill_*probs_atom methods which compute a single section of the entire output array, and don’t need to worry about dealing with the distribution in element and parameter directions.


modelModel, optional

The parent model of this simulator. It’s fine if this is None at first, but it will need to be set (by assigning self.model before using this simulator.

num_atomsint, optional

The number of atoms to use when creating a layout (i.e. when calling create_layout()). This determines how many units the element (circuit outcome probability) dimension is divided into, and doesn’t have to correclate with the number of processors. When multiple processors are used, if num_atoms is less than the number of processors it should divide the number of processors evenly, so that num_atoms // num_procs groups of processors can be used to divide the computation over parameter dimensions.

processor_gridtuple optional

Specifies how the total number of processors should be divided into a number of atom-processors, 1st-parameter-deriv-processors, and 2nd-parameter-deriv-processors. Each level of specification is optional, so this can be a 1-, 2-, or 3- tuple of integers (or None). Multiplying the elements of processor_grid together should give at most the total number of processors.

param_blk_sizestuple, optional

The parameter block sizes along the first or first & second parameter dimensions - so this can be a 0-, 1- or 2-tuple of integers or None values. A block size of None means that there should be no division into blocks, and that each block processor computes all of its parameter indices at once.